Zimbabwe sell Elephants worth $2.7million


The Chinese and Dubai government bought almost 100 elephants for a total price of $2.7 million over six years, this was confirmed by the country’s wildlife agency due to overpopulation of the animal.

According to the spokesman of Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Tinashe Farawo,  said Zimbabwe’s elephants were overcrowding national parks, encroaching into human settlements, destroying crops and posing a risk to human life.


“We have 84,000 elephants against a carrying capacity of 50,000,” he said, justifying the sales. “We believe in the sustainable use of resources, so we sell a few elephants to take care of the rest.

Farawo said 200 people have died in “human-and-animal conflict” in the past five years, “and at least 7,000 hectares of crop have been destroyed by elephants”.


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