Xenophobia: Four persons attacked in Germany

At least four people were injured in a Xenophobia attack in Germany, the attack was carried out by a man  who ran his car into a group celebrating the new year.

The Essen prosecutors said: ,“The authorities think that this is a targeted attack, motivated by the driver’s hostility to foreigners.

They said theyvhad earlier believed that the suspect has mental health issues,the incident took place a little after midnight in the town of Bottrop, about 12 kilometres (eight miles) north of Essen in Germany’s west.

The driver first tried to run over a person, but they managed to get out of the way.

He then drove into a group setting off fireworks in the street, as many people do when celebrating the new year in Germany.

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Four people were injured, some of the seriously, said police, adding that they were of Afghan and Syrian origin.

A little later, the driver attempted another attack in a town close to Essen, without managing to injure anyone.

He made “remarks hostile to foreigners” while being arrested by police, said officials.

Source: AFP


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