Woman sets hotel ablaze, kills manager over payment

A woman who is a commercial sex worker,has been sentenced to six years imprisonment for setting the hotel on fire and killing a manager in the blaze,after she claimed that she wasn’t paid for her services rendered.

According to reports, Nora Es-Sakdi Boughima, 19, was enraged when a man she met at a nightclub paid her just £150 instead of £300 for sex at The Park Grand Hotel in Paddington, on January 30 this year.

After the client left she asked a member of the hotel staff if she could borrow a lighter, adding: “I’m not going to set the place on fire.”

But Boughima torched the bed and the hotel’s maintenance manager Richard Staley, a hotel staff member with a pre-existing heart condition, tried to extinguish the fire.

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Mr Staley, who was one day away from retiring, collapsed and had a heart attack after inhaling carbon monoxide fumes.

The 65-year-old remained in a coma until he died on February 24, the Old Bailey heard.

CCTV footage revealed Boughima had spent the night of 29 January with a man in a room at the hotel.

The client later told police he had met her in a nightclub the previous evening.

He said he agreed to pay Boughima £300 but only paid her £150 before leaving the room at about 8.30am, while she was sleeping.

CCTV from the hotel showed that Boughima left the room minutes before the fire alarm went off.

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Boughima was initially charged with arson but later admitted manslaughter.

The Park Grand Hotel kept the room closed off since the blaze but the hotel’s lawyers requested if they could now reopen the room and a judge gave them his formal permission.

Boughima, of High Road, Willesden, northwest London, admitted manslaughter and was jailed for six years.

Source: tsb.com.ng


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