Woman dies from hypothermia in morgue after she was wrongly pronounced dead

A 62-year-old woman ‘came back from the dead’ in a morgue and was rushed to intensive care – only to die again several hours later from hypothermia.

The grandmother had been drinking with relatives at a party in Vasilyevka, Russia, when she appeared to have passed away. A policeman then certified her as dead and took her ‘body’ in a hearse to the morgue.

However, the woman was still alive – and started moving while a morgue worker tried to fit a tag to the foot of her ‘corpse’. ‘The woman came to life’, she said.

The morgue worker immediately called an ambulance and paramedics spent 40 minutes trying to resuscitate the woman. It was found that she had suffered from ‘extreme cold’ in the morgue, chief doctor Mikhail Danilov said.

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She was then taken to intensive care at Belogorsk hospital but later died the same day after suffering from ‘hypothermia’, the region’s health ministry said.

Medics say if she had received prompt medical care instead of being taken to the morgue, she might have survived. Police have now launched an investigation into her death.

Source: AFP


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