Why Bloggers Should Use a VPN

As a blogger, the internet is your second home. What you blog is the adult you raised from childhood online and has enabled you to engage with your audience effectively. You’ve gone to the extent of developing professional relationships with other outstanding bloggers like you. This shouldn’t let you go easy on your guard online when engaging with other websites.

Besides the anti-virus and malware protection in your computer, there’s nothing wrong with going an extra mile to tighten up your security so that you can sleep well at night. In this article, you’ll be able to understand the reason why it is crucial for you, not only as a blogger but also as an online user, to protect your online activity and engagement through Virtual Private Networking.

Why VPN for Bloggers?

Use of Wi-Fi

This is the biggest issue when it comes to blogging. You may sometimes connect to third-party networks like Wi-Fi from public places or Coffee shops internet. You can’t resist the urge to check your mail and so find yourself connected to a Wi-Fi you don’t know. There is a high chance you’re not blogging about the owner, and therefore you might not know anything about the owner; this can be a threat to your security. Connecting to an unknown network is the easiest way to expose your content to hackers.

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What are the risks involved?

  • Auto-connecting to networks; to save on time you usually set your device to connect automatically to an open network. The risk involved here is that it’s not hard to duplicate a Wi-Fi connection. Someone with bad intentions can do this and once you’re connected, Boom! There goes your privacy and data.
  • Fake networks; hackers use the similar name of the network you’re connecting to, and once you connect, you’re security is breached.
  • Packet Sniffing.

Just because Wi-Fi networks have passwords doesn’t mean they are protected.

Keep Your Website Activity Anonymous

According to cybersecurity experts at VPNpro, Anonymity is the most immediate advantage of using a VPN. Your actual IP address and location can’t be traced in addition to the data encryption from your site. Once anonymous, you are better protected from online threats. Computer protection can’t stop hackers from accessing your computer, and God knows what they’ll do once they are in.

They might even sell your information to third parties that pose a significant threat to your blog. With a VPN, your actual information is withheld; hackers and malware don’t stand a chance. This way, you can conduct your online activities with ease

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Unblock Geo-Restricted Content

Just like other people, bloggers also need to take time off to sit back, relax and live time a little. There is that series and TV show from your favorite streaming site; with so many shows to watch, you can lose yourself you to this entertainment. Is it fun to binge without all the shows? You want access to a complete library of movies on HBO; then you need to be in the US to enjoy that.

Even with subscriptions on these streaming sites, you don’t get to maximize due to incomplete content. A VPN will help bring the experience home and give you full access to all the content you need. Just a take break from blogging to watch the shows you want.

Protect Your Files Exchange

Bloggers are usually content creators, well; this content needs to be shared. This requires you to upload and exchange a lot of material. The files you upload can get hacked. You won’t have to worry about external threats any more as the connections are secure.

Better Deals

This mainly applies to travel bloggers. If you need better deals for your travels, you need to get a VPN. Companies are now showing and targeting deals based on your location and internet behavior. There are deals you miss out on because they are designed for people in different regions. A VPN helps you hide your location so you can get access to deals a typical online user would never have come across.

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Prevents Censorship

You might be living in countries whose governments have oppressive and restrictive rules regarding what content to access the internet. Your work as a blogger is cut out for you. As a blogger, you need a free flow of information. Knowledge is power, and you can’t realize this if you don’t have full details. VPN helps you get access to information that wasn’t there before.

With full access to information, you are in a position to become a credible and influential voice in your space.


Concerns about security, identity theft, privacy, and spam are fast rising in society right now. For bloggers, this is a complete cut-out, but you have to worry as VPN is here for the rescue. For bloggers, we recommend that you switch to Virtual Private Networking for the greater good.

Are you a blogger experiencing constant security breaches? Have you tried VPN for blogging before? Please share your experiences with us.

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