Weird facts about Ghana: These are the top 10 weird facts about Ghana and her culture

These are the top 10 weird facts about Ghana and her culture

Ghana is as amazing as it is mysterious. Don't get spooked. Read on to find out the top 10 weird facts about Ghana and its culture.

Ghana is an amazing country full of weirdo’s. Judge for yourself with these 10 weird facts about Ghana and its culture.

The traditional caste system


Don’t get all weird up when someone treats you like a commoner in Ghana. Despite all the modernity, Ghanaians still act towards you according to your social status. Divided into royals, commoners and slaves, this traditional stratification is still recognized and upheld. Royals a little subtle and slaves’ a lot more subtle.

Twi, the cheif communicator


If you are thinking of visiting Ghana, try taking Twi lessons soonest. Interestingly, after its official language, English, the Akan language is the most popularly used means of communicating in the country. Nearly 67.1% of its people speak the Akan language, which is weird considering the fact that it’s a multi-ethnic state.

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Gateway to freedom


Hello, welcome to the Pacesetters country. Yep, we set the pace for independence amongst our comrades. Ghana was the first country in West Africa to gain independence from their colonial masters, the British. The weird fact about Ghana is independence was gain by a group of black people, the British never thought could come together to achieve anything. Well done, freedom fighters. Ayeekoo!

True or not?


As weird as this fact about Ghana may sound, it is believed to be true. Most Ghanaians believe that southerners or those that live in the southern part of the country are richer than those living up in the north. Most arguments are based around the fact that most developmental projects are undertaken in the south. But as to if that makes their streets lined with gold, is still up for debate.

Hail, King Meko


Anytime, you visit a local chop bar, please be careful when requesting for your food to be spicy, because you may discover this weird fact about Ghanaians the unpleasant way. When a Ghanaian says “spicy”, we mean add hot pepper (m3ko) to it. Most dishes are spiced with mainly with chillies/red peppers. Forget all the peppercorns, turmeric and what not’s…its red chilies all the way.

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The Cedi lives on…


History has it that, formerly cowries (sea shells) were used as currency in Ghana. And the weird fact about Ghana is even though we decided to modernize, we just couldn’t help but still keep a piece of our culture. So we named our paper currency after our cowries. Just in case a time traveller from the past decides to visit, he will fit right in the economy.

Peace is our Hallmark


Ranked as 40 on the Global Peace Index, Ghana is known as the most peaceful country in Africa. Our 7 weird fact about Ghana is true, despite the existence of over 90 different ethnic groups confined in the same space. I believe this attributes to the high level of tolerance and hospitality that Ghanaians are known for.  

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Balance is everything!


Everyone in Ghana seems to know how to balance things properly on their heads whilst walking. From the kayayo at the market to the teenager walking from the borehole or the farmer carrying firewood. It wouldn’t be weird if we held a tightrope competition in Ghana, or what do you think?

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The love for the dead


Funerals are more of a social function than merely a time to mourn. Don’t be surprised when the grieving company turns into a happy party. For them the more, the merrier. Kind of weird but that’s Ghana for you.



My very last weird fact about Ghana is when a Ga (ethnic) word is featured in an English dictionary, which is used worldwide.  Welcome, Kwashiorkor, he that sits ‘gastically’ among the English.



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