We can’t fight against ra–pe without fighting the mindset that enables it – Lydia Forson


It seems the issue of rape still holds in the air after Comedian Waris made a funny tweet about Sarkodie’s daughter Titi saying, “the 2year old girl is getting ripe and will soon be chopped”.

Even though the comedian has come to apologize but seems it hasn’t been enough to erase the mark left in the heart of our dear feminists.

Actress Lydia Forson is still hitting hard on the issue of rape saying, we can’t fight it without fighting the mindset that enables it.

Of course, the sound of a fired gun won’t be heard until a trigger is pulled, same as we cant eradicate the issue of Rape without getting away of the mindset that enables it.

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According to the actress, there is a reason why a man will feel entitled to a woman’s body and it’s in how they are socialised through the kind of music they listen to, movies they watch and even jokes they make.

She had preached on her twitter page: “We cannot fight against RAPE without fighting the mindset that enables it. There’s a reason why a man feels entitled to a woman’s body; it’s in how we’re socialised through the music we listen to, movies we watch and even jokes we make. It’s much deeper than we think. Smh”.

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