Watch Shatta Wale’s Gringo with me, it is trending

By Ebenezer Owusu Acheampong aka Mr. Powerful

Shoutouts to STONEBWOY I have put your ATTITUDE on replay simply because of how original, exceptional, natural and moral it is. It’s indeed an epistle of a MaMa. But I want to ask you if you have visited YouTube recently. Have you? If NO, then let me share with you GRINGO.

In the year 1885 before Donald Trump was born, there exist a SMALLTOWN in Texas far not closer to our ‘shithole’. I call it Ashaiman or perhaps Nima because it was popular for its numerous social vices. It is said that, Villains, Drunkards, Crooks, Wild Women (Modern day Slay Queens) and Gameboys (Modern day Sakawa Boys) lived in that SMALL TOWN. They obeyed no rules however, there was one Man who acted as the order, He was the SNAKE EYE. He was a feared man by all and he maintained law and order in the town. Rumors about him and his special eye was that, He gambled with that eye and lost it (This would probably be the story of haters) : He battled the 34 rebel snake and lost that eye ( this would be that of his fans). In all, SNAKE EYE was the governor of that Town.

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It is told that, one unusual day, there arose a STRANGER, who came on horseback to this rebel town. He was dressed like a cowboy, He should be MADINGO per what I saw and He started calling GRINGO, I don’t know if that was his twin brother.., MADINGO started singing in ‘Patoa’ which left the people in the small town surprised.

And this is a summary of MADINGO’s song;
He called GRINGO, and asked him if He was surprised that that a man wears kaba, He further tell them how He doesn’t want to take pictures with girls even though girls do want to take with him. He said he rules the town if they like they should ask ShattaMovement from Ghana. Then He switched because He saw some white Caribbean woman JADE, MADINGO said He loves Caribbean woman because they are beautiful, they are his date choice and they make him go Gaga, He brag that he can push harder because he is a gangster and interestingly He informed that woman about how African women behave sexually. He said if a Ghanaian or Kenyan woman say Push it in, then push it harder…. He then explicitly described what they want you to push it in (long cork) and how they even scream afterwards….. There was a switch again, as it seams someone was saying what he( MANDIGO) was saying was lies, He then warned that person to watch how he talks because He is a bad man who can’t act cold but poooooowwh!…. …… (song end)

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MADINGO finally grabbed the Caribbean girl with his ‘Patoa’ song and oh the girl was for the master of the town SNAKE EYE. MADINGO entered what is described the HEAVEN-HELL CHURCH where town people drink off their sins and was still holding JADE, this triggered a commotion and at the end of unrehearsed fight, it remained MADINGO and SNAKE EYE to show who actually is a MASTER. Unfortunately and unfairly, SNAKE EYE was robbed of how powerful he was as he was reduce to a flawless gunshots by MADINGO, pooooowwh! Poooooowwh!pooooooowwh! Pooooooowwh!

MADINGO takes JADE and ride boastfully with her as a champion. He is now the ruler a guess.

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I will write next on GRINGO – A STORY TOLD BY THE WRONG MAN – DINGO. That piece will explain how GRINGO could have been a blockbuster and the way forward for Zylofon media.


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