Volta groups in the Diaspora resist attempts to split Volta region

The coalition of Volta Region groups at home and abroad is a mouth piece of groups from the Volta Region in and around the globe including Concerned Citizens of Volta region-Ghana, Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland-Ghana, Association of Volta Youth-USA,Ewe Union of United Kingdom, Volta Region Compassionate Association of Modena (VORCAM)-Italy, Ewe Association of Pordenone-Italy, NorvisiHarborbor of Mantova-Italy, Norvisi Ewe Haborbor of Vincenza-Italy herein wishes to commend TorgbuiPatamia IV the Chief of Sregboe for his gallant step of taking the State to Court in a matter of the creation of the Oti Region out of the Volta region.
The Coalition wishes to express its heart felt gratitude to Torgbui Patamia IV for such extraordinary bold step in defending the Volta region against what the Coalition have described as “State aggression” on the region and an affront to Rule of Law and democracy. We wish also to affirm our support for you and our readiness to help in any way necessary.
It is our hope that other Chiefs in the region will emulate your good example, and to not only remain custodians of tradition of their father’s in their respective jurisdictions but also be defenders of the region of their fathers in time of need and trouble.
Our gratitude also go to Lawyer Albert Quashigah ESQ, for accepting to be the council for the petitioners in this matter. We are very grateful.
For the remaining five petitioners, Jean-Claude KokuAmenyaglo, Joseph W.C Kugbe, Destiny Awlimey, Edward Kwasi Mensah and Emmanuel Opobi, we say “aye koo”, your efforts have been recognized and we are solidly behind you. Do not hesitate to call on us should the need be.
Our sincere thanks go to those who show their support in demonstrating in all other diverse ways, we say thank you and continue to support anything good for the region.
We appeal to individuals and organizations in and out of the Volta region to support the petitioners’ call to ensure that due process is followed in the creation of the Oti Region.
We have observed with utmost interest that successive leaders of Ghana, institutions and various political parties have not only failed our united empire region (Volta region) but they have many a time show the region hostility and tried to turn the people in the region against one another through obnoxious and unbefitting policies against the region.
We have been pushed many times to be at each other’s throat but we have always resisted anything undemocratic and unwholesome topeace and stability of the region. The true reason for creating Oti Region which is hidden from the ordinary man is not an exception but we will overcome it.
We thought we were part of them but they have shown us many times that we are not. We choose democracy but they gave us adversary and Tyranny.
We are perplexed and our rights have been violated by state organized aggression but we are not forsaken by our God.
He that drives flies away from the tailless animal will speak on our behalf, heal our wounds and dry our tears.
We shall overcome and fractured Volta Region will rise again.
As we are aware, the second Court hearing of the case of creation of Oti region out of the Volta region is on February 27th 2018 at Accra Human Right High Court (1) one, in the hours of 9am.
We are therefore appealing to the general public both Voltarians and non-Voltarians alike to come to the Court and support our defending heroes led by TorgbuiPatamiaIV to Victory.
We appeal to the Court, to bring to bear in this case the principle of political equality that the Court have been charged to uphold, ensure due process and avoidance of State tyranny.
Thank you.
Dully signed:
Seth Mifetu
(Coalition Secretary)
Daniel Yevugah
(Vice President-Concerned Citizens of Volta Region)
Alan Cyril
(PRO-Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland)
Victor Mifetu


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