VIDEO: Run And Hide If You See Me ─ Wanlov Kubolor Threatens To Beat Medikal For ‘Using’ And Dumping His Sister?


A word of advice! Rapper Medikal shouldn’t dare meet with the brother of Sister Derby, Wanlov De Kubolor because he is solidly behind his sister!

Apparently, Wanlov De Kubolor is hurt after Medikal dumped his sister for Fella Makafui and from his post on Instagram, Medikal for his own safety should run and hide anytime he sees Kubolor coming his way…lol

Wanlov De Kubolor who has not said a word about the Medikal, Sister Derby, Fella Makafui brouhaha took to his Instagram page to question Medikal why he takes delight in playing with people’s emotions?

Wanlov De Kubolor’s post reads;

“do u intentionally toy with peoples’ feelings coz u enjoy seeing them squirm?”


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