VIDEO: Pastor Sells Spiritual Perfume To Church Members For £700

Christmas has always been one of the occasions which self-acclaimed men of God capitalise on to ‘milk’ riches out of ignorant poor Christians who are in desperate need of spiritual protection and cleansing. has sighted viral video where a Pastor in the name of cleansing church members from spiritual body odour has ask them to pay £700 for a spiritual perfume.

And surprisingly, members of his church rushed to purchase his spiritual perfume at a cost of £700 but the question is where in the Bible did Jesus Christ whom they claim called them charged a fee before healing the sick?

And it will get worse during the 31st Night church programs ─that’s where a whole lot of doom prophecies will be predicted by the majority of self-acclaimed men of God, causing fear and panic as usual.

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Watch the video via nextpage link below.


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