United States approve Nuclear works for Saudi Arabia companies

The United States have approved companies to work on six nuclear projects in Saudi Arabia, this was confirmed by the Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Perry confirmed this during a Senate hearing that the Trump administration has approved six applications to do initial nuclear work in Saudi Arabia and two in Jordan.

Perry, who said the Energy Department approved 37 of the 65 applications it received globally since 2017, promised the United States was committed to ensuring the Saudis do not reprocess spent fuel to make nuclear weapons.

“What I’m really concerned about, the senator is that if the United States is not the partner with Saudi Arabia, (or) for that matter Jordan,” Perry said, “they will go to Russia and China for their civil nuclear technology.”

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“I can assure you that those two countries don’t give a tinker’s damn about nonproliferation,” he said.

“We’ve got a history of nonproliferation, and nobody in the world will do it better than us.”

The approvals, first reported Wednesday by news site The Daily Beast, were not earlier announced, with Perry saying the companies wanted to shield proprietary information.

The Democratic lawmakers have raised their voices against this move saying the Trump administration is rushing in secret to approve civilian nuclear energy in Saudi Arabia even though the kingdom.


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