Uganda writer gets married to herself

This is one of the most beautiful and maybe funny story, you will ever read in a long time from now, this story is about a 32-year-old Ugandan writer identified as Lulu Jemimah, who got married to herself, having just a goal in mind for doing it.

According to information on her GoFundMe Page (where she’s raising funds for her Master’s tuition), here’s why she did it:

This is my love story.

I turned 32 recently and decided to get married. To myself.

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I made the commitment to see this life through, at whatever cost.

Around this time last year, I was accepted into the University of Oxford.

This has been a great year but also one of the most difficult.

I am a writer from Uganda working towards a career in research and academia. To do this, I need a masters degree, at the very least but no university in Uganda offers creative writing at graduate level.

Last year, I applied to three UK universities, was admitted but without funding. Then I applied and was accepted into the two-year Mst. in Creative Writing program at Oxford.

I could not believe that they had chosen me. I still can’t believe it.

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Despite all this, people ask me what my ‘plan’ is, when I plan to get married, have children and start a family.

They can’t imagine that what keeps me up at night is not the fear of never walking down the aisle.

My father wrote my wedding speech when I turned 16. Every birthday, my mother prays for me and in recent years this has included a plea for a good husband. Someone to take care of me. I decided to put them all at ease.

I got married on my 32nd birthday to the one person I am certain will take care of me.

My wedding cost me $ 2.62 (transport to the venue.)

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A friend hired the gown as a birthday present.

Another friend offered to do my makeup.

I borrowed my sister’s jewelry and my brother baked the cake.

I asked a few friends to show up at a local bar and cater for their individual bills.

Marriage is an expression of love and commitment. But for many people back home, it is still considered the only way to guarantee a woman’s financial security. These are all things that I want.

The only difference is I am more confident about getting them from one of these two gowns. “


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