Uber drivers embark on strike

Uber Drivers in Britain on Tuesday embarked on a 24 hour strike, after demanding for an improved workers’ rights higher pay.

The protest was staged by about 50 protesters, as they went on a noisy demonstration outside Uber’s offices in London after a trade union called a 24-hour stoppage starting at 1 pm (1200 GMT).

The crowd chanted as they were protecting, “Uber, Uber you can’t hide, we can see your dirty side.

According to a 48-year-old driver identified as, Muhammed Ali, he said: “Uber abuses workers rights, they pay below minimum wage and the drivers are in debt.

“If you want to make a normal living, you need to at least work 12 hours a day, six or seven days a week.

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“They have cornered the market. It is very hard to compete with them.”

Another driver said: “It used to be better, there were more (pickup) jobs. I used to work around eight hours a day, now it’s 13 or 14 hours to make the same money,” he told AFP.

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWBG) called the strike of Uber drivers in London, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

“We ask the public to please support drivers by not crossing the digital picket line by not using the app during strike time,” said James Farrar, chairman of the IWGB’s private hire drivers’ branch.

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In a statement released by Uber, it said in recent months it had introduced sickness, injury, maternity and paternity protections for drivers.

“We continue to look at ways to help drivers increase their earnings and our door is always open if anyone wants to speak to us about any issues they’re having. ”

Source: (  AFP )


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