Tragedy!!! Four people die in Dubai Plane Crash

It was a tragic day at the United Arab Emirates when a plane crash which took the lives of three  British and a South African on Thursday.

According to the civil aviation authorities, the UK-registered Diamond Aircraft went down five kilometres (three miles) south of the international hub.

The news agency said, “The four-seat plane crashed while on a mission to calibrate terrestrial navigation systems at the airport, with all crew members, three British, and one South African, killed.”

An earlier report by the emirate’s government media office said the pilot and co-pilot of a small plane had been killed.

The aircraft, owned by US tech giant Honeywell, crashed due to a technical malfunction, it said.

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It added that all operations at the airport were running smoothly after “a slight delay and diversion of some flights as a precautionary measure”.

Source: AFP


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