Three things a guy must never say to his girlfriend

Some relationships have come to an end due to some things that were said, maybe they were said intentionally or maybe unintentionally.

The following things must never be said in a relationship by either of the party.

1. My ex wasn’t like this

You might only be trying to explain something to her, or trying to convince her to like something, but by mentioning another woman’s preference and trying to bend her in that direction, you might be misinterpreted as trying to make her be like another woman.

Actually, it looks like that even from this angle. So just stop it already.

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2. “Why do I have to tell you where I am or where I am going?”

Everyone deserves a private life, and even a relationship can’t take all of it from you. However, a man who constantly tells a woman that she doesn’t deserve to know his whereabouts doesn’t respect the relationship enough and better be prepared to lose it.

3. “Why can’t you just be like Adaobi?”

Okay, I used Adaobi as a random name. You can insert your own preferred name as you read this. Thanks.

Comparisons between your babe and other babes do not ever lead to anywhere good, especially if you are being vocal about it, and to her own face!

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Stop it, bro! As said above, the only way to stop your relationship from crumbling due to this wrong statements is to make a conscious effort to stop.

Your partner might be taking it from you now, but there is only so much she can take and one day, she’ll explode in a rage you might never be able to contain.



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