Three reasons why it is important to have money before you start dating

Money is not the bone of every relationship but it is always necessary not compulsory for the relationship to work.

1.Transactional relationships

You must have heard people say there’s no romance without finance, and that when you have no money, you have no honey. his is simply because deep down, most relationships are still transactional in nature.

That is to say, you stand a very high chance of getting someone to love you when you are financially OK. If you are not, all your abundance of emotions and good traits may just be a waste.

(2)  Love does cost a thing

Apart from the fact that relationships are largely transactional in these parts, another truth that every guy would need to wrap their heads around is that there is no relationship that’s free.

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Relationships are not meant to solely be about what money can buy, they are not supposed to bleed you dry and they are not meant to wreck your credit but you cannot do love in 2018 [or anytime in recent memory] without having to spending money, whether you are a man or a woman.

3. No relationship can’t do without money

Love, even in its purest, truest and most genuine form is hinged on sharing and giving gifts and spending quality time on dates among other things. And there is no way you are going to do these without spending.

Whenever the operation of money in relationships and marriages is spoken of these days, a lot of attention is paid on women and how they need to chip in more regularly and spend money on men, too.

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That conversation is largely triggered by the commonness of transactional relationships as mentioned above, and the need to reduce or completely phase out its occurrences.


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    I have money, but I’m still single! why? 😕