Three (3) tips on how to deal with Insomnia

The human body needs sleep which allows the body to be fully rested and also help the body to be prepared for the next day.

Lack of sleep is called insomnia, this is usually caused by ; poor habits, anxiety, side effects from medication, chronic illness and sometimes, being unfit.

An average adult usually needs between 6 to 9 hours of sleep to be considered as having healthy sleeping habits. Unfortunately, insomnia could rob individuals of many hours of well-deserved sleep and rest.

As you may have guessed, habitual sleeplessness could trigger mental, physical, and psychological unhealthiness in sufferers, causing aggressiveness, nervousness, delusions and maybe acute medical disorders.

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Some simple ways to beat sleeplessness include:

Rid your diet of stimulants and alcohol

Meals and drinks containing stimulants such as caffeine found in coffee and certain other beverages are a no-no for people suffering from habitual sleeplessness.

The properties contained in stimulants can last for up to 24-hours. This means that the effects of drinking a cup of coffee at 8am, for instance, could still be very much active by bedtime.

Similarly, alcohol should be completely eradicated from the diet of anyone suffering from insomnia.

Do not take siestas during the day

As reasonable as taking a nap during the day seems, for a person suffering from insomnia, naps are friendly enemies.

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Especially for an insomniac going through the therapy of associating sleeping with darkness(night), napping during the day could render this routine counter-intuitive.

Additionally, the more worked up an insomniac could get during the day, the more chances they have of enjoying a better night’s rest.

Make your sleeping environment comfy

The environment is an important aspect when dealing with sleep. By making sure the bedroom is comfortable enough for sleeping, an insomniac may have better chances of sleeping well.

Pay attention to lighting, bed covering, temperature and sound in the bedroom to understand what works best for falling asleep easier.

Avoid noise, partners or pets, and bright lights which could limit the comfortability of the sleeping area. Other things to avoid include; working, studying, or eating in bed and worrying.

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