‘This Is Heartbreaking’- Abass Blinkz’s Mum Tearfully Reacts To Her Son’s Death

The death of any loved one is a tragedy beyond repair and one which is quite difficult to handle for anyone.

There’s no definitive way to say some losses are more painful than others but if we could measure, a parent losing their young son is definitely up there with the most heartbreaking.

It’s completely shocking as a parent who is older to still be alive whilst you lose a child far younger than you who has yet to enjoy life to the fullest.

That must be what the mother of Abass Blinkz, the Kumawood star who was stabbed to death last week, must be facing at this moment.

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About a week after her son’s death, the mother of the lost young actor has spoken out about how heartbroken she’s been about his death.

According to her she was not even aware of her son’s death after it occurred and her colleagues had to be quite strategic in how they broke the news to her.

She said they told her her son was ill even though he was already dead, and she later had to find out that he had already passed on.

She also added that she’s not sure what killed her son except what she’s read about in the news and she’s waiting for the autopsy report to discover the truth about his death.

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Abass’ mum sounded heartbroken as can be expected and it’s really sad seeing how she’s been forced to endure this loss.

May her son rest in peace.


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