The Launching of African free trade

By All African Students Union

On 21st March, 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda, African Leaders,meeting at an Extraordinary Summit, are expected to sign a historic agreement that will launch the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Since the inception of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and its transformation into the African Union (AU), African Leaders have been trying to integrate their countries in order to promote and defend their people’s interests.

In this endeavor, several initiatives have been taken which include among others the Lagos Plan of Action (LPA)for the Economic Development of Africa (1980-2000), the Final Act of Lagos (FAL), NEPAD, and AU Vision 2063 etc. All these were “borne out of an overwhelming necessity to establish an African social and economic order primarily based on utilizing to the full the region’s resources in building a self-reliant economy.”
This AU’s Extraordinary Summit will constitute, definitely, a milestone in Africa’s quest for self-reliance and sustainable development. It will, equally, be a mark of a strong political will of African Heads of State and Government to unite the continent and put it at par with others as far as its socio-economic development and decision-making at the international level are concerned. It is common knowledge that African countries, standing individually, are not capable of competing with others in any field.
On the other hand, a united Africa with a population of over 1.2 billion Hu and endowed with abundant natural resources, can be self-reliant and have a say in world affairs in particular decisions concerning it. This is an occasion that deserved the demonstration of our collective determination to uplift our continent from its current unenviable situation to a prosperous and peaceful place capable of maintaining and utilizing the qualities of its most energetic segment- the youth.
The All Students Union (AASU), since its inception in 1972, has relentlessly promoted African unity and self-reliance. We committed ourselves to the total liberation of the continent. Since the independence of all African countries and the demise of the obnoxious apartheid system in South Africa, we have been at the forefront of our people’s struggle for democracy, the respect of human’s rights and for achievement of sustainable development.
AASU, whole-heartedly, welcomes the signing of this historic agreement that will launch the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). We, however, wish that its ratification and implementation will not suffer any delay through dishonesty for personal gains and that all hands will be on deck for its successful realization.
We shall not spare any effort to contribute our quota, through the mobilization of African students, in our collective determinations to socio-economically and politically integrate the African continent.
Long live African Unity!

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Peter KwasiKodjie
(Secretary General)


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