“Thailand girl I had sex with sent me a Christmas gift & I’m afraid my wife will find them”

A UK man who had a fling with a Thai woman while on vacation in the Asian country has cried out for help after the woman sent a Christmas gift to him all the way from Thailand.

According to the man, he really had a good time in Thailand and the gift reminded him of his time in the country. He, therefore, doesn’t want to discard of the gift, but he’s concerned about his wife finding out.


Read his story below:

A girl I had sex with on holiday has sent me Christmas presents and I’m terrified my wife will find them – but I don’t want to give up my exotic lover.

I’m 39 and my wife is 36. I went away with two mates to Thailand leaving my missus at home with the kids who are seven and ten.

My friends and I had a great time, surrounded by cheap beer and gorgeous girls, although I didn’t take much notice of them until a young girl of 17 approached me.

She was so beautiful and I felt young again. She came on to me and I couldn’t resist her. We had mind-blowing sex that night and every night from then on until my holiday was over. I was happy to give her money because her family are very poor.

I’m now back at home but I can’t concentrate on my work. I keep sneaking away for naughty phone calls with her. My phone bills are sky-high and my workmates have noticed that I’m distracted.

My wife said a parcel had arrived for me last week. It had a Thai postmark on it so I knew it was from my long-distance lover. I told my wife the hotel were sending me a belt I’d left in my room and quickly squirrelled it away to my car where she couldn’t see it.

I opened the parcel when my wife was asleep and found my lover had sent me some personalised gifts – a mug and a T shirt both showing photos of her stark Unclad.

She looks as good as I remember. I’m worried about my wife finding out but I can’t bring myself to throw them away. I don’t want to leave my wife or give up my lover. I’m planning another trip to Thailand in the New Year.


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