Teni dragged over N75k fake hair and unpaid N150k loan

Twitter wig vendor Teni, has been dragged by angry Twitter users over alleged N75k fake hair she sold to a client and an 5-months old unpaid N150k loan.

Twitter user @Queensallyb who first made the accusation wrote;

My friend got scammed by your fav online hair vendor

However, judging from new tweets, it seemed the the money has been refunded to the distraught client, that thought, didn’t stop the allegation of the 5-months-old unpaid 150k loan.

@ElegantChic_ wrote;

So I’m going to make a little thread about your popular WCW who has been owing my friend 50k since June, promised to pay back and till now nothing. But bitch has been posting peng pictures of her in different locations spending money…

…looking like she has money. My friend needs his money back, he has asked her politely when she’s going to pay several times…she keeps saying next week.

To spice the gist up, I’ll add screenshots of their conversations. Kindly note that she took advantage of the fact that my friend has or had a crush on her and has randomly sent her money before just to get her attention.

…but this 50k was a loan according to her. She knew my friend couldn’t say no to her. So since then till now your WCW hasn’t paid even 1k out of the money lent to her.

I would feel terrible if someone I lent money months ago, keeps posting peng pictures of her in different dresses, shoes, hair, expensive locations cos this is exactly how my friend feels.

These are screenshots of their conversations. Starting from when she asked for the “favor” till the last time my friend heard from her about the money and that was Aug 27th

So aunty @Teniwadess , when exactly do you plan to pay Edwin back his money? Are you not tired? Have you no shame? Have you no conscience? Please you people should retweet this thread till @Teniwadess pays my friend the money she owes him since June. Thank you.

You guys!!! Update!!!! It was 150K!!!! I got the figure wrong. He lent her 150k. @Teniwadess please contact Edwin right now and agree on a payment term. Since you refused to pay back the money he graciously lent you, I bet this would serve as a motivation.

She has called my friend, saying she will pay by January. So lets wait till January.


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