Ten things you must have in mind when dating a single parent


Dating a single parent is not always easy, albeit, it’s not impossible either. If you’re in love with someone that has kids, for that relationship to be successful, you need to follow some tips to make it a seamless experience.

1. Do keep in mind that the kids will always come first.

No matter the situation, this person’s kids will always take the number one spot. If you’re one to fight for and constantly need attention, you might be better off looking for someone who doesn’t come towed with ‘baggage’.

2. Subsequently, the ex will someway, somehow, always be in their life.

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Unless the person is a widow or widower, in most cases, separated parents end up co-parenting with their exes, meaning each parent spends some significant amount of time with the kids. So, you have to be ready to deal with the case of the ex. The best way to handle the situation maturely is to maintain a level of respect and friendship with the ex to avoid unnecessary drama.

3. He/she may not always be available when you need them.

When you’re dating someone with kids, schedules can keep changing due to unexpected parent duties or emergencies. Think of a scenario where you plan a date but then the child falls sick and the parent has to drop everything else to go take care of that emergency. You have to understand that schedules could change anytime and be okay with that, which takes me to the next point.

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4. You need to be willing to be flexible.

If for instance a date slotted for 5.00pm can no longer work, are you willing to meet at another time? Are you flexible enough?

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