Suspected Jihadist attack Burkina Faso, kill 13 people

At least thirteen people have been confirmed dead in a recent attack by suspected Jihadists in the central-northern Burkina Faso, the incident might lead to an ethnic violence

According to security official, gunmen attack the village of Yirgou in Barsalogo district on Tuesday morning on motorbikes, “killing six people, including the village chief” and his son.

A Barsalogo resident, reached by phone by AFP from the capital Ouagadougou, said local villagers, who were from the Mossi ethnic group, then attacked a nearby camp of herders from the nomadic Fulani group, “accusing them of being accomplices of the terrorists.”

“Seven Fulani herders were lynched and their homes were burned down,” the security official said.

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The mayor of Barsalogo district, Abdoulaye Pafadnam, said the 13 dead were buried at nightfall on Tuesday, but added it was possible the toll was even higher.

“A precarious calm has returned to the village, thanks to the presence of defence and security reinforcements,” he said.

“However, there are reports going around of armed groups coming from the Malian border, and these have caused a mobilisation of the koglweogo,” Pafadnam said, referring to a self-defence group.

“A crisis committee has been set up to get everyone around the table to talk and avoid the worst,” he said.

Source: ChannelsTV


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