Strange!!! Sex addicts cries out for help, after sleeping with over 40 men


A 33-year-old lady identified as Winile Mngomezulu (33) from Wattville, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, has lamented over her desire to always have sex, after she lamented that  she has slept with about 40 men already in this year

She said she lost her boyfriend three years ago, she was heartbroken. “I loved him so much I couldn’t see myself loving anyone else.”

In January 2018 she turned to a native doctor for help. “I thought this was the golden ticket to getting back the love of my life,” she said. But the charm turned against her. After three months of treatment, she started having strong sexual desires.

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“I used to hate one-night stands, but suddenly I started enjoying the thrill.”

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