Stop the ‘hustle’, you can’t keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept – Princess Shyngle to ladies


Actress Princess Shyngle has made a statement which corroborates colleague Nadia Buari’s remark that “the only thing that can keep a man, is a man that wants to be kept.”

In a video clip shared on Twitter, Princess Shyngle stressed that women who go to the extent of doing crazy stuff just to impress a man in order to have him all by herself are working in vain.

Like Nadia Buari, Princess Shyngle believes if a man does not want to be kept, no effort by a lady can cause him to change.

“Cooking for a man cannot keep a man, washing his clothes, being a perfect girlfriend cannot keep a man,” she insists.

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“Having sex with him 24 hours, giving him all the bas sex positions cannot keep a man. Being the hottest and the most beautiful girl in town with the baddest body or the most gorgeous face cannot keep a man. You can only keep a man that wants to be kept. You need to understand that you can’t force a man to want you.”

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