Stop ‘Jesus is coming soon’ and say ‘Jesus is coming eventually’ – KSM mocks Christians

Ace Ghanaian broadcaster and comedian, Kwaku Sintim Misa fondly called KSM has mocked Christians in a new post on social media.

The media personality who finds more joy in ridiculing Christians has opined in a recent tweet that, it’s high time followers of Jesus stopped saying he is coming soon, and say eventually.

According to KSM, it is about 2,019 years now since the message “Jesus is coming SOON” has been preached, yet he hasn’t descended from heaven for his children. Hence, he think they should drop the SOON matter and make it EVENTUALLY.

He tweeted,
“For 2,019 years, it’s ALWAYS been said JESUS is coming SOON. Can we just drop this SOON matter and just say EVENTUALLY? #justthinking 😜’


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