Speed Darlington narrates how he treated a former high school crush recently

Nigerian internet sensation, Speed Darlington has narrated a recent encounter he had with a former high school crush who he “gave all the signals” back in school but she didn’t respond.

Speed Darlington, who has been filmed using his much-talked-about Mercedez Benz as a Taxi, said in the post that he pretends to be a Taxi driver just to pick up beautiful women only.

He claims that he was acting as a Taxi driver when he ran into the lady who refused his advances back in school. She now has two kids and he picked her up and charged her for the trip. But she didn’t have enough money so he decided to use that opportunity to exact revenge for the way she refused him back in school.

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In his words ;

Since high school Dominican Republic girls been on me. I met one of them not too long ago with my bang truck. She have two kids now one is like three years and the other one is still a baby i stopped her & her kids got in.

I was going to charge them $20 it’s actually $30 ride according to my GPS cuz sometimes i pretend to be a taxi driver and pick up women only.

True taxi drivers pick up anybody; if you look Giant you are not coming in my car.

Anyway she said she have $18 I said no 20 is the last price and she looking at me like “but we knew each other that we went to school together”. Yeah but you fvvking somebody else, all the signals i gave you in high school she did not respond in your mind you think i want to be riding another man child around for small money?

I am not even a cab driver get out i didn’t see those kids before i stopped i thought was a quickie


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