Six ways to deal with a toxic person

Toxic people most times are very difficult to deal with but, the best thing is to learn how to deal with them. Here are some smart tips you can use to deal with a toxic person:

1. Trust your gut

One of the reason you are still stuck in a toxic relationship is because you don’t trust what your gut is telling you. Deep inside, you feel that someone is hurting you and manipulating you but you don’t trust yourself. Admitting that someone is toxic is the first step to help you deal with them.

2. Set boundaries

Set limits to how far your conversations with toxic people can go. Let the boundaries be so clear such that the toxic person will feel uncomfortable saying certain things to you.

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3. Distance

Distancing yourself from toxic people is the easiest thing you can do. If they are close, you may want to distance yourself from them physically. Avoid visiting them or circumstances that bring you together.

4. Don’t give them an ear

If you show a toxic person that you are always ready to listen to them, they will take advantage of you. Show them you have other things to do other that listen to their toxic talk.

5. Raise your positivity

Toxic people will always try to ruin and bring you down. But you don’t have to let them win at bringing you down. Raise your positivity levels and show them that their toxicity will not determine the direction of your life.

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6. Be compassionate

Especially if it’s someone you love, be kind and treat them with love. Sometimes, toxic people are what they are simply because they are going through a difficult moment in life.



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