Six things you must never tell a single mother

Single mothers are already going through alot of things, there are somethings you should never ever say to a single mother:

1. What is it like to be mom and dad at the same time?

First, she is not the father. She cannot be the father and mother at the same time. All she does is try and be a good mom to her kid(s).

2. How do you manage this?

Well, being a single mother is definitely not easy but you asking how she does it is insensitive. Whatever she does to pay her bills, how she manages to raise kids alone is all her business.

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3. I am so sorry

Sorry for what in the first place? It’s not like she is suffering from some killer disease or something. She is just like any other single parent trying to give her kids the best. In any case, the last thing she wants is sympathy.

4. Where is the dad?

Yet another personal question that you should keep to yourself. Unless she wants to tell you about it, don’t go about asking.

5. It must be so hard

Yeah, it is indeed. But do you have to remind her? She knows it and she is trying her best to deal with it.

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6. Why did you choose to be single?

This is personal and conclusive. You do not even know whether she is single by choice and you should not conclude that it was her choice. And even if it was her choice, she will tell you her story when she feels like it but not when you ask.



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