Six easy ways to meet a guy

Sliding into DM’s has become one of the most things that is been done now to meet their love but some times, you might not be lucky, so we have decided to bring up these tips that we believe will help you meet the right man of your dreams.

Here are 6 ways to meet a new guy without social media

1. Register at a gym

This is one of the most effective ways to meet new guys. You’ll probably even meet the fit and healthy ones too so it’s a win. Go to your gym regularly and smile when you say hi, this automatically draws guys to you.

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2. Attend networking events

You’re likely to meet someone a lot like you at a networking event. Or who knows, one of the speakers might be single and find you amazing. So maybe it’s time to start reading and responding to Eventbrite mails.

3. Weddings

The chances of meeting a new guy at a wedding are really high if you’re wearing a pleasant smile. The grooms’ friends are all over and might just be searching. So the next time you’re invited to a wedding, be open to attending.

4. Church

Attending church is a wonderful spiritual journey, but you can also make a love journey too. Don’t just rush home after church, say hi to friends and try to meet new people. You might just meet the one.

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5. Eateries

If you’re the type who buys her lunch to go, you might want to sit down and eat it once in a while. Some men need time to summon up the courage to come to say hi when they fancy you. So if you’re in a hurry, you might not get to meet him.

6. Group activities

Joint group activities are a very relaxed way to meet new guys. You’re relaxed, he’s relaxed, everyone is open to being who they really are. If you get a spark doing something you both love, you’re starting on the right note.

Love won’t come and meet you in the comfort of your home, you have to be ready to step out of the corners of your home to meet your prince charming.

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