Shocking!!! Mother kills her three weeks old baby

A woman identified as Mrs. Mirriam Kalonda of Lusaka in Olympia, Zambia – mistakenly killed her own and only daughter believed to be just three weeks old.

According to The Zambian Observer, Mirriam had a lot of beer bottles on a Saturday night with her friends who came to visit her home.. It is believed she slept over her daughter as she was very drunk and woke up in the morning with a dead baby girl’s body.

Her husband has said he will file for divorce and insist she should be jailed for killing their only child because of her recklessness and unacceptable behavior.

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He came back from work in the morning as he was working night shift, only to be greeted with the sad news.

Mr Richard Kalonda further said he stopped her from taking alcohol but she couldn’t listen and this is the disappointment she could seriously offer to him and the family at-large

Mirriam is said to be currently under observation as she also attempted to kill herself after what had happened.

Source: Zambian Observer


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