Shocking!!! Man hacks his wife with machete over infidelity

A man has been declared wanted by the Ugandan Police for hacking his wife after he accused her of having extramarital affairs with another man at Butende village in Ibulanku Sub County.

According to reports, trouble started two days ago when Ms Nakwanga returned home after spending three days at her parents’ home in the nearby Buyanga Sub County.

Ms Kamida Kagoya, 70, a grandmother to the suspect who stays at the couple’s home, said that when the woman returned, the husband started accusing her of planning to quit their marriage.

She said, “The two had a verbal exchange and it was from there that the man tried to hang Ms Nakwanga, but I intervened and separated them.”

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Ms Kagoya said that on the fateful night, the culprit arrived home at about 8.00pm and asked the woman to open the door, in vain.

“Ms Nankwanga feared to open the door and the man passed through the window and started beating her. When the mother of three tried to escape, the suspect picked a panga and hacked her several times,” she said.

After hacking the woman, the suspect turned to the two-year-old child who remained in the house when her siblings took off for safety. Ms Nakwanga and her child were rushed to Iganga Hospital where they are currently receiving medical treatment, but still in bad condition.

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The Bugweri District police commander Mr John Nkudizana confirmed the incident saying the woman’s right hand was chopped off by the suspect while the baby was cut on the thighs.

He said, “The woman was hacked several times on the head, hands, abdomen and other body parts. One of the hands was cut off, it is very unfortunate.”

Mr Nkudizana said that the suspect managed to escape, but they are tireless hunting for him to face the law.

“We call upon members of the public who could be having any clue about the whereabouts of the suspect to share with us information such that he can be brought to book,” he concluded.

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Source: Linda Ikeji


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