Shocking!!! Groom slaps his bride at wedding ceremony

Guests at a wedding ceremony were left in shock after the groom slapped his wife in front of shocked guests.

The incident was said to be in Central Asia, shows the groom angrily lashing out at his bride after she teased him by pretending to take his wedding cake away.

He hits the unnamed woman with such force that she stumbles backwards on to a seat behind her.

A man standing behind the groom grabs him while one of the shocked guests comforts the bride as she stands back up.

Social media users slammed the unnamed man’s behaviour online with one saying: ‘That guy needs to be taught a lesson in human rights and the woman needs to file for an annulment, ASAP!’

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Another added: ‘I hope she never went through with the wedding.’

It is not clear exactly when or where the footage was taken, but some on social media speculated that it was captured in a Central Asian country.



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