Shock As Monkeys Stone Man To Death

A 72-year-old Indian man has died after a group of monkeys threw bricks at him in Tikri, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

The man, Dharampal Singh, was said to be gathering wood at an abandoned building when the monkeys gathered on a treetop and began to stone him.

The victim was later rushed to hospital but he succumbed to the head and chest injuries he sustained from the incident, Sky News reported.

Singh’s family members have lodged a complaint at Doghat police station, with his brother urging police to hold the “rogue monkeys” to account.

The family said that more than 20 bricks were thrown at the septuagenerian, leading to his demise.

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“These rogue monkeys are the real culprits and must pay for it,” Singh’s brother said.

However, the station manager Chitwan Singh was said to have declined to take action against the monkeys as it would expose the town to ridicule.

“How can we register the case against monkeys? This will make us a laughing stock,” Singh was quoted as saying.

Villagers were said to have repeatedly complained about the aggressive monkeys but the animals are a protected specie.


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