Shatta Wale’s Babymama Drags Rapper’s Reputation In The Mud Over Child’s School Fees

It’s possible to have stumbled upon Shatta Wale’s post on social media to honor valentine, but it takes an eagle’s eye to be able to spot the “call out” his babymama made under the valentine post.

Shatta Wale had written a post where he made a shout out to his babymama’s on Valentine’s day. He wrote;

Happy birthday to all my ex’s .
Majesty’s mum and Nshira’s mum ..
Hope you guys celebrate this day with love ..You guys gave me great kids in this life and I really appreciate but tho we not together I still will show love cuz we were never enemies when we all first met each other .This should tell you i will want to concentrate on growing the kids for them to have a better future and nothing else ..Good-luck my Val’s on this Val’s Day !!!!

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Unimpressed by his social media affection, Shatta Michy slammed the singer by exposing how much of a deadbeat dad he is.

“Lmao..Sperms donors don’t talk valentine ..Fortunately i’m not dragging you to court for sch. fees. Real men do real tings”


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