Secret dump site of Shell threatens lives in Nigeria

By Fegalo Nsuke

A toxic dump site belonging to the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited has been uncovered in K-Dere community of Ogoniland.

Speaking in Bori, headquarters of Khana local government area of Rivers State over the weekend, Publicity Secretary of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke said samples from the site had been tested in a U.K laboratory and the results have confirmed the toxicity of the site.

“We have been briefed by MOSOP leader, Ledum Mitee, on the situation in K-Dere where a toxic dump belonging to Shell had been uncovered. We have also visited the site to see things for ourselves.” Nsuke said

Shell had buried the wastes in the Ogoni community for years.but intense heat forced the buried substance to become exposed late last year prompting community investigation.

Attempts by Shell to cover up were said to have been prevented by local dwellers who insisted on an independent investigation.

Samples were taken to a U.K laboratory and the results confirmed the toxicity of the buried substance.

“Shell is a killer” spokesman for MOSOP Fegalo Nsuke remarked during the visit to the site in K-Dere. Nsuke said Shell will be made to pay for her crimes in Ogoniland.

The MOSOP image maker said Shell clearly destroyed Ogoniland intentionally. He noted that Shell never imagined that local people will someday rise to protect their future against a wicked and conscienceless multi-national and the racist practice it has enshrined it its operations in Ogoniland.


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