Sad!!! Woman loses her two children to poisonous meat

A woman lost her two children, after it was alleged that they died after eating a piece of steak which was reportedly poisoned.

It was gathered that the kids had no idea that the meat was poisoned before deciding to eat it in South Africa.

The deceased children, Thembekile (5) and her sister Nqobile Jele (2) started to vomit while white susbtance started coming out of their mouths.

They were rushed to hospital on Sunday morning, but died upon on arrival.

Doctors told the mother the kids died from poison.

The sisters were playing with their two older sisters and they all ate the meat, but the older girls, aged seven and 10, survived.

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Their heartbroken mum Phindile Jele (25) from Johannesburg, South Africa, said her four children were playing outside the shack when they said they were hungry.

“I gave them pap and spinach. I ate a little and told them to finish it off,” said Phindile. She said after eating her kids went outside to play.

“I’m not sure if they ate the poisoned meat before or after I gave them the food. I’m heartbroken. I never thought I could lose two kids like this,” Phindile said.

She is unemployed and doesn’t have money to bury her kids and appealed to SunReaders to help her bury them.

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“I love all my kids and did my best to provide for them. God had other plans.”



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