Sad!!! Lady knocked dead by Car, days after surviving an accident

A lady identified as Maximilian Chemutai was killed by a car hours to the new year, according to reports, she had earlier survived a motorcycle accident on Boxing Day.

According to reports, she earlier survived the accident when she was returning home from an errand at the local shopping centre when the motorcycle she was travelling in collided with a car along the road.

Grateful to be alive, Chemutai took to Facebook, as a matter of routine, to narrate her luck to her followers.

“God you are so amazing. I will forever glorify and praise your name. I was involved in an accident. It was God’s favour to escape without any serious injuries,” she posted.

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She signed off by wishing her friends “a happy and prosperous New Year”, writing in bold letters, a sign of her huge relief.

Chemutai left home to meet the motorcycle rider on Saturday to “sort out the matter” since the incident had been recorded with the police at the station.

But then in a tragic turn of events, Chemutai was hit by a car while standing by the roadside at the same shopping centre.

This time though, Chemutai was not so lucky. She died on the spot.Eye witnesses say the car brakes failed and ploughed into a crowd that was standing by the roadside, killing six people in its wake.

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