Russia : Vladimir Putin calls for eradication of militants in Syria

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has urged both Turkey and Iran to devise a joint plan to wipe out what he called “a hotbed of terrorists” in Syria’s Idlib region, an idea Moscow has so far tried and failed to sell to Ankara.

Putin was speaking at a summit he was hosting in southern Russia to weigh the future of Syria with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Putin said: “…We should not put up with the presence of terrorist groups in Idlib, that’s why I propose we consider practical concrete steps that Russia, Turkey and Iran can take to completely destroy this hotbed of terrorists.”

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Rouhani appeared to back Putin, saying militants in Idlib should not be let off the hook, but his counterpart, Erdogan was silence as he did not respond to Putin’s suggestion.



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