Russia charge passenger for intent to hijack Plane

A 41 year-old might be spending at least the next 12 years behind bars for having intent to hijack a plane, according to reports he was on a flight from Surgut to Moscow after he was arrested in the town of Khanty-Mansiysk where he demanded that the flight leave its assigned route and head toward Afghanistan.

The Russia investigative Committee indicated that the passenger was drunk at the time of the incident, he told the airplane’s crew he was armed, threatened to attack crew members, and attempted to enter the plane’s cockpit in an attempt to force a change in the flight’s route.

RIA Novosti reported that the Khanty-Mansiysk airport was evacuated and cordoned off before the airplane made an emergency landing there.

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A reserve flight was commissioned to transport more than 70 affected passengers to Moscow, where they will arrive with a delay of more than 10 hours.



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