reasons why men lose interest in women they liked

So why exactly do men lose interest in women?

  1. You are a threat: Some men are freaked by a woman’s success. So if you happen to be more successful than your man, they may feel threatened and out on you. This is the type of men that always want to have an upper hand in everything.
  2. He wasn’t ready to commit: Some guys tend to think they are ripe and ready to commit until they find a lady who is down for commitment. They get confused and finally realize that they cannot handle the responsibility that comes with commitment. If this happens, they will definitely lose interest in their partner who is willing to commit.
  3. You are too needy: Men love needy women so that they can feel they have the ability to provide for their women. However, being too needy is a turn-off. If your guy realizes that you are the extremely needy type that is always begging and asking for things, then he’ll definitely run for the hills and pull have only you to blame.
  4. You are bothersome: No man wants to come home to a nagging woman. It is a great contributor to men losing interest in women. Men want their peace of mind from time to time and with a whining woman, that’s hard to get.
  5. He probably found a better deal: Some men get into relationships for convenience. So once he gets a better deal than you are offering, he will leave you and go for the better deal. There is nothing much you can do about this situation.

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