President of Bolivia resigns after nationwide protests

President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has resigned from office following protests which trailed his reelection.

Protesters had trooped to the streets asking him to step down over the alleged irregularities which marred last month’s election.

In a televised address, Morales apologised to the nation, announcing that he would send his resignation letter to the parliament in a few hours.

He accused opposition leaders in the country of instigating violence.

“I regret this deeply… it’s my obligation as an indigenous president to seek the pacification of the country,: he said.

“It hurts so much to see that these men (the main opposition leaders) brought violence, aggression between Bolivians.”

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According to the constitution, the vice-president ought to take over after the resignation of the president.

However, Vice-President Alvaro García Linera also resigned.

In this case, and based on article 169 of the Bolivian Constitution, the president of the senate has to fill the position until new elections are held.

Source; The Cable


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