Police officer flies helicopter to buy Chicken

Residents of Komani, Eastern Cape in South Africa were left in shock and surprise when the saw a police officer, who used helicopter to buy chicken.

The incident was posted by a Facebook user, Bill Harrington.

He wrote:

“This was not an official police practice run or for any police duty other than for this police pilot to land, switch his blades off and walk 30 metres into a chicken outlet to queue in line for a quick takeaway and some gravy.

“After this police pilot got his food parcel and paid for it, he walked out, climbed back into his police helicopter, switched on the blades and swiftly flew away.

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“The pilot could surely not have had permission to land in a busy parking lot with people all around?”

Daily Sun contacted provincial police spokesman Captain Khaya Tonjeni for comment but he referred the SunTeam to national spokesman Brigadier Vish Naidoo.

His phone rang unanswered, but he told News24 police had launched an investigation into the incident.

“We are aware members were busy with crime prevention duties but the landing is still under investigation,” he said.

Source: ( News24)


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