Orgasm doesn’t matter to me; Love matters

Marenikae says as long as she loves her partner, orgasm does not matter during sexual intercourse

Before now, it was unacceptable for ladies to publicly declare their opinion on sensitive matters such as sexual satisfaction, but overtime it has become a norm as ladies now share their views on virtually anything that has to do with sex either in public or on social media.

This is the case of budding afro-merge singer, Morenikae Lasode, better known as ‘Marenikae’, who argued in a chat with Potpourri that orgasm during sex is not compulsory as long as she is in love with her partner.

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“It depends on the person and our relationship; if it’s someone I’m in love with and we are in a relationship, I don’t have to climax every single time we are together because just being together is enough, but when it’s somebody who isn’t like that, then in that regard, I always take my time.”

The versatile singer, who recently released the video to her banging single ‘Gidi’, lamented the challenge women have with reaching orgasm during sex. According to Marenikae, most women require oral sex to reach orgasm because most men do not last long in bed before they climax.

“That’s like 70% of women you are referring to there. A lot of women can’t reach orgasm with regular sex, so they need oral sex, but guys can reach orgasm in any way. So I think it’s not really unfair.”


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