Opinion: So Ghanaians CRAVE USA Visas But Hate USA—CRAZY!!!

By Graceland Adomba

I want to congratulate Joy FM on a good job they did with the US Military Cooperation Pact. They claim they had ‘scooped’ a ‘Secret’ Document meant for Parliamentary Debate & Ratification- right? They felt they were Better Educated; Better Informed; Better Equipped to analyze the document rather than leave it in the hands of the ‘Wretched-Parliament’ of Ghana- right?

They ‘POISONED’ the minds of Ghanaians against the Pact. And then they called the Most Renowned Kwesi Pratt, The Antiquated Socialist Relic, who pretends to HATE the USA to the core, but divulges wicked & destructive secrets about his friends to.  Pratt did not disappoint his ‘comrades’ at all. He threw in his usually short-sighted, populist, and illogical view-points. At the end of Pratt’s FOULNESS- the battle lines were drawn. “America was going to ‘colonize’ Ghana again. They were going to kill Ghanaians, manufacture and throw bombs to the ends of the world and generally destroy all the good socialism has brought to Ghana”.

You see, Joy became COMPROMISED the moment they received the document from their ‘Crooks’ in Parliament. They had to do their bidding- right? So all their analysis was to PLEASE them- right? All that they did was to satisfy those who leaked the documents to you- I lie? Joy did their ‘remote-controlled’ work so well, that they won so many Gullible Ghanaians over to their course- especially the Political Opposition. They succeeded in ‘Pushing’ angry men to Parliament- good job. They gave their ‘Sponsors’ lots of Propaganda Air-Time. Even after people gave contrary opinions, Joy presenters always came back to their sworn ‘Agenda-Setting’ viewpoint.
The worst of Propaganda Programming was on their ‘Ghana-Connect’ on Friday March 23. This was nicely orchestrated to annoy people the more and keep their Agenda afloat. The Presenter said something to this end: “I have several people on social Media who are against the Pact. However one person has dared to be different”. Then he called an African-American lady and several others who had been lined up to demonize America. He further gave us the outcome of a worthless polling of his so called listeners.

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The Pact finally passed at Parliament. But will Joy FM and Multimedia’s Anti-USA Agenda end? No. Listen to Captain Smart and the Bobbiye-Replica on ‘Asempa’s Ekossi Sen’? Unfortunately any fair-minded listener will question even the ability of these presenters to understand the documents they read from.

Now they have to continue telling us about how many Law-Suits against the Pact are going to the Supreme Court- no matter how frivolous and nonsensical. As I am writing this piece one of the most prominent prosecutors of this Agenda, Daniel Dadzie, is interviewing a Lawyer of one of those who has taken a completely WORTHLESS suit to the Supreme Court. So Joy FM will continue the diabolical mission of stirring up a civil strife over a non-issue. And the NDC is planning a demonstration. Since this fits the Agenda- I pray Multimedia gives it as much prominence as possible.
There was this guy Joy brought on the Ghana-Connect who claimed to have been a Veteran of the US Army. So the US Army is made up of different nationalities- maybe of every nationality of the world? And they are Rapists? They are Criminals? So the Ghanaian US veteran must be a Rapist, a Homosexual and a Drug-User too? Now could you please Consider the following issues?

  • Millions of Ghanaians live and work in the USA
  • Thousands of Ghanaians are in USA Schools
  • Thousands of Ghanaians were educated in the US and are back here serving our country in very positive ways. Kwame Nkrumah himself was educated in the US. Kwesi Nduom was another.
  • Several Hundreds of Ghanaians have benefited from the AFS Student Exchanges to the USA.
  • The USAID has offered several humanitarian services to thousands of Ghanaians and our institutions.
  • Thousands of Ghanaians have been touched by the American Peace Corp. Many Ghanaian schools have had US young adults teach there since the days of our Independence
  • Thousands of Ghanaians queue up to seek US visas annually
  • Millions of Ghanaians have stormed our streets to welcome American Presidents whenever they have showed up here
  • For most Ghanaians the US is the Destination of Choice. They see the US as the most human-friendly location in the world to seek greener pastures.
  • In 2001, President Kufour brought in the FBI to help us unravel the causes and the personalities behind the murder of women. They responded and helped to arrest Quansah who I think is still in Jail.
  • In 2009, President Atta-Mills brought in same FBI to help us investigate the Fires in our Accra and Kumasi Markets
  • The US Army has helped train and equip our military for several decades.
  • The NDC sent Okudjeto Ablakwa to the US for intervention in their suspicion that Ken Ofori-Atta had dabbled in insider-trading in the sale of the $2.5 Bil Bond. So the US can help us unearth Crimes?
  • Even Kwame Nkrumah could not have built the Akosombo Dam without USA Support- although he was often calling the USA unprintable names- just as many hypocritical Ghanaians are doing today.
  • Dr Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Benny Hinn, T. L. Osborn, Morris Cerullo, and literally thousands of US Preachers and Gospel Organizations have been a huge part of Ghana’s Spiritual culture. Indeed almost all of our most influential Preachers have been influenced directly or indirectly by their US counterparts.
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These are but few examples of the virile relationships we have had with the US on the Emotional, Spiritual, Individual and National levels. So when did the US become the MONSTER that is here to DESTROY Ghana? Have we had any other nation of the world equal the USA in her relationships with us? Remember- who built the George Bush Highway- maybe the best road-network in Ghana?
Why should some within Joy FM lead this otherwise very professional Media House- to build such animosity towards our most potent friends? I pray the next time anybody wants to rope Joy into any such a venture, Joy will allow her integrity and pedigree to judge her choices.

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To Kwesi Pratt and his dead ideas; the NDC and her hypocrisy and all Ghanaians, please let us be a little more circumspect and discerning. If you hate America so much, why are you excited if a relative or friend gets a visa to the USA. Oh Paapa Hw33 ooo; Maame wo so Wh3 bi!


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