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Opinion: Lessons learnt from great people around me

By Tendai Mungate

One of my strengths as an individual is my ability to learn from those around me. One of the things that will make you different in life especially as a leader is your ability to learn from others. I took some time to look at the people around and see what l could learn from them and l realised l had a lot to teach from my mentors, friends, brothers, sisters and parents.

The more you learn the more you are elevating your individual capacity to achieve greatness.

Lesson from Taonashe Mutume
Taona is a one of my close friends, mentor when it comes to my music career and brother. Taona is currently studying Accounting with the University of Zimbabwe and is a great musician. Without him l do not think l would be knowing anything music related. I met Taona in August 2014 at a rural church convention. From the moment we met we became very close friends.

When l met Taona that year l knew nothing at all when it comes to music. I knew within me that l had a talent but l had never really got the opportunity to pursue it. So in 2014 it happened accidentally that we were at a church convention and they needed a drummer and that year l knew nothing about drumming.

I was challenged by Taona and other musicians to try out playing the drums and that day l still remember was when the drumming journey all began. But today we are now in 2018 and Taona is my music mentor he has been guiding me throughout the journey of music. The greatest thing l have learnt from Taona is that to achieve anything in life always start with the basics. Nobody really starts at the top. In music for you to be a great musician you need to have a solid foundation of the basics of each instrument you play so is life. Want to be a great writer, actor, singer, entrepreneur, speaker you have to start from the basics. Taona for so long has mastered the art of working with the basics and which he has taught me for most instruments.

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Just this past Sunday after church Taona was teaching me the basics of doing a drum roll which l have been trying to master this week once l master this art my drumming will be elevated to another level. Taona is also a great salesman. He is not ashamed of selling. Many youths think selling is not cool. But mind always remember this being broke is not cool at all. I believe Taona is going to be a great entrepreneur in the next years.

Many want to take shortcuts to achieve success l have tried it with my drumming but l have realised that all successful speakers and drummers had a foundation and it’s not too late to build on my basics. For your foundation is more important that your destination.

Success is a journey not a destination and your basics are the foundational part of your journey.

Lessons from Dr Tapera Chikandiwa
Famously known as ‘Chiki’ Dr Tapera Chikandiwa is the Founder and Principal of High Achievers Coach Educational Centre, An Enterprenuer, Farmer, Youth Mentor and Success Coach. I met Dr Chikandiwa in 2013 when l became a student at his school. When l got to HACEC my life had no direction at all, l did not know what it was l was born to do; l did not know what my future was. Dr Tapera Chikandiwa has achieved so much in his life to date.

What l learnt from Dr T Chikandiwa his lessons on ATTITUDE. I still remember my first conversation with him he asked what wanted to be and l clear stated l did not know all l told him is that l know l have a gift in music. He smiled looked me in the eyes and said replied and he quoted Henry Ford, “Success is just an ATTITUDE, if you believe you can or you cannot you are right!” At HACEC l mastered the art of attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude.

I got to HACEC not knowing what l wanted to be but for the two years l was there when l left there l knew what my purpose is in life. ATTIDUDE is what will determine your success is what Dr Chikandiwa would say. Dr Chikandiwa’s school is not known for enrolling the A Class students it famously known for enrolling the U class students and turning them into A class students. Today choose to learn from Mr Chikandiwa your attitude determines your altitude so have the right attitude.

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You can change your life by changing your attitude. Changing the way you look at yourself, others, situations. Develop the can do it attitude. An attitude that believe each situation comes to you not only to destroy you but to make you stronger.

Success ultimately revolves around your attitude. – Tendai Mungate

Lesson from Ray T Chemvura
Ray T Chemvura is currently 18 years old. Ray is a entrepreneur, development coach, author and leadership expert. I met Ray T Chemvura this year in July 2017. Ray is 18 he is currently the Kadoma City Junior Council Mayor and has authored two mind blowing and life changing books A GREAT LEDAER AND UNLOCKING YOUR RICHES which l believe a must read to anyone who wants to develop themselves into a great person. You can always contact Ray to get a copy of these books. He is also the founder of Empowerment Zone which l believe will be taking him places soon, an organisation which seeks to empower people with tools to achieve success.

If you get some time Google the name Ray T Chemvura and see what am talking about. Ray is listed as one of Zimbawe youngest motivational speakers and authors and l have no doubt in it. He is my fellow brothers in motivational speaking l admire and learn from him. Ray is younger than me and l have learnt two lessons from him.

The first lesson is age is just but a number to achieve success. Anyone is mandated to achieve greatness in their lives no matter the age. Ray has done it at 18 and what stops us all from activating our greatness. When l got in contact with Ray the first question l asked him is how long he took to write his book and his response just left me speech less he then said two months. Two months for writing two books, WOW. This leads me to the next lesson. Prepare for your success. Before he published his two books all he had where written but unpublished books.

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Many of us want to achieve greatness but greatness comes at a cost if you do your part which is to prepare for it. – Tendai Mungate

Looking at Ray T Chemvura he has well prepared for his success that his vision has became a reality. Ray after writing his books needed his books to be published and this required about 92000 rands which is almost 9000 dollars and for an 18 year old man that’s a milestone but since Ray prepared for this opportunity his provision made its way. A pastor from his church then funded the publication of his books. If Ray had not prepared l do not think he would be where he is today but his preparation was high enough to meet up with his opportunity so today we read, talk and get empowered by his wisdom.

You are the creator of your own greatness, get prepared for your success. At times the resources you are looking for are around you. Sometimes you might face rejection, circumstances but remember success only comes to those that are persistent in the pursuit of greatness.

Stay Tuned For Part 2.

Unleashing Your Potential Within

Tendai Mungate
Tendai Mungate is an Inspirational, Transformational and Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Drummer and Writer whose main purpose in life are to inspire and unleash the hidden greatness within you.

Tendai can be contacted at tendaigmungate@gmail.com
Facebook and twitter@Tendai Mungate,
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