Opinion: BettyBlueMenz perspectives: A letter to my King, my Valentine

By Bettey Mensah

My dear King,

It never ceases to amaze me the beauty of your heart. The deep love and care you have for me. But for you, I never knew love could be this sweet.

Through the months we have been seen together, you have always made me your priority. There will never be enough words to express the depth of my gratitude to God for allowing me to witness the love of a real man.

You are the one I have been waiting for. Theman that promised to take my hands and never let go. You make it easy for me to sharemy dreamsand future expectations with you.

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This far, I have share a lot with you and I expect that you respect me as a woman and not abuse my trust. I trust that you will not take my treasuring you for granted.

I am convinced that the love a man has for God is what he translates into loving a woman. I therefore love to sometimes close my eyes and imagine God’s hands molding you for me, placing His mouth over yours to breathe His breath of life and love into you, so I could get to enjoy same from you. I am always full of smiles when I see you.

I love, adore, cherish and treasure this beautiful divine orchestration.

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There are times we argue; times we behave silly towards each otherand times you’d force me to eat even when I am not hungry. Through it all, we grow and mature as the days pass by.

I enjoy our late night chats; how we tease each other, how dramatic we can be when we taking a stroll and how we always debate on who to end the call first.

I love how you make me laugh till my eyes are filled with tears; my happiness has always been yours.

You are indeed a real King and I never get tired talking about you to my friends.

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I am forever grateful to God for causing our paths to cross. I am also grateful we didn’t have to rush into getting intimate. I always thank God that we took our time to let God fashion this beautiful love story of ours in a way that pleases Him.

My King, my heart will always be yours. Just before I drop my pen, I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU and you mean a lot to me.

And this is all a BettyBlueMenzPerspective.

I rest my case here…



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