Open Letter to President Nana Akufo-Addo

By Justice Mensah

Your Excellency,
For sometime now I have followed with keen interest certain developments that have happened and are still ongoing in the country. Mr president, you will be one of , if not the best president ever if you tackle these phenomenon.

You and I know that corruption has submerged and bedeviling the country In very facet of the economy, and in order to ensure the development agenda of your government, we need to nip this canker in the bad.
One way by which this will be done is what you have done so far by appointing the special prosecutor and his assistant.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that they work to the satisfaction of all and sundry. That is, those who have embezzled the funds meant for development projects and those who have mismanaged state coffers must be brought to book punished by the laws of Ghana.
THIS should be in the atmosphere of transparency and fairness without fear or favour.

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Indeed, they cannot execute this task without the necessary logistics and financial support. Anybody found to have dipped his hands into the state purse must dealt with with the contempt he or SHE deserves. This should be irrespective of favouritism based on ethnicity,race colour or religion.
Corruption is corruption and nothing.

Another worrying and disturbing development, your Excellency is the way some of our so-called men of are parading themselves around with some duping unsuspecting poor members of their churches of some sums of money in the name of deliverance.
When our Lord Jesus came, he didn’t charge anybody a penny, kobo or shillings before doing deliverance for people.

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Look at the way some are always in the news with the news.they always think they are rather protecting Christ when they are not.You wake up from bed today, and all you hear is “angel this has done this and that “.They are always coming out with weird and strange prophecies that damages people rather than build them up.

Mr. President, just look at the example that your counterpart in Rwanda, Paul Kagame has created and emulate that .If you indeed you want to unite Africa, then emulate Kagame’s sterling example and you will leave the scene as a true statesman at the end of your tenure.

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I will not to bother you so much with barrage of issues but I want to let you know that your government is trying so you have to be vigilant so that a lot of water will not pass under the tunnel unnoticed.

I will leave you with these two headaches that have dillydallied on n my mind and other citizens for some time now.
Thank you for your listening attention and may God almighty see you through all your endeavours , AMEN.


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