Okyeame Kwame’s wife shuts down critics

Okyeame Kwame’s wife dismisses claims of exploiting their children.

Okyeame Kwame’s wife Annica speaks intensively about how they are raising their children and dismisses all opinions on exploiting their kids.

Okyeame Kwame and his wife Annica and their children Sir Bota and Sante are definitely one of the most remarkable showbiz families in the country.

The “Rap Dacta” has involved his family in everything that has to do with his musical career. His wife manages him and he has released songs such as Saucing with his kids and has also  featured them in some videos.

Sante, the daughter of Okyeame Kwame  launched her own hairpiece line known as Sante’

sHair For Kids. But while some people are impressed, it seems others are not enthused. Fellas are saying the parents are just profiting off them.

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Nevertheless, Annica dismissed those views in an interview saying they were more interested in raising their children to not live stereotypical lives.

“The problem with us as Africans is that we are afraid to venture into lots of things. So we always take the ‘safe’ option to go to school, find a corporate job and get paid. But what we want to teach our children is healthy risk taking.

As parents, we are not looking at the stereotypical lives for our children. We are looking at their talents and nurturing them. So whatever they show interest in that is legal and builds them up, that’s what we will drive.”

The rappers wife continued  by saying  they did not force anything on their children. Their talented children came up with their own ideas which she and Okyeame Kwame processed.

According to her Sante asked one day that  “Every day in school, people ask me how they can get their hair exactly like mine. So why don’t we make hair for children?”

Annica said they found that as o good idea so Okyeame promised her that he would work on it.

She also added that her daughter was very much involved in the process of making the hairpieces and they worked together with Sante into making it a reality.

 “Anybody who sees a parent who is inspiring and ‘pushing’ their own child into the most important venture in nation building or entrepreneurship as exploitation should be checked. I don’t want them coming to us for money when they are aged 20, they should earn their keep. So we keep researching with them on how to make their own money legally, how to build a business, how to become financially independent, how to save etc,” “ Annica said.


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